TopicHow to delete a deposit in QuickBooks?

  • Thu 10th Sep 2020 - 9:05am

    We all are aware of the QuickBooks software that is used by various business owners for their accounting and financial purposes. This software has become more than software to people who have been using it from the time of its inception. QuickBooks solution plays the role of an accountant who performs all your business activities and file taxes on your behalf. Many tasks can be performed easily with the help of QuickBooks software. Including these features, entering deposits are also taken care of by QuickBooks.

    Sometimes, you may enter a wrong payment that can lead to a big disappointment. But, there is nothing to take the stress. As you are allowed to delete such deposits QuickBooks has entered mistakenly. Today, we will explain “how to delete a deposit in QuickBooks”?

    Introduction: QuickBooks Payments

    Before knowing the steps to delete or undo a deposit in QuickBooks, we would like to tell you that there are two categories for recording QuickBooks payments:

    Deposited payments

    Undeposited payments 

    You are required to perform the whole process to delete a deposit in QuickBooks.

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